Operation Pop Smoke App is a complete peer-to-peer support structure designed to connect peers anywhere in the world at any time to provide aid when you need it or when someone needs you.

This app was designed by Veterans for Veterans using proven tactics and techniques with the latest technologies. Helping Veterans transition to civilian life in suicide prevention.

This app may be used by anyone. It is not just for Veterans. If you're not a Veteran and want to build a support structure this app may be used for you or for someone you know.

This app is a paid subscription app. Money obtained is used to further the growth of this app in aiding and helping more people.


Tiered Support

Operation Pop Smoke offered different tiers of support. Two different options available for requesting support. This allows flexibility to ensure you're receiving the support you need when you needed.


Confirmation notifications and indications support has been requested and or received. Streamlining communication for increased support performance.


Support Received

The right support at the right time when you need someone or when someone needs you.

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 Peer-to-peer Suicide Prevention App

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Every app credit sold is donated to a Veteran.